ACE Golf Challenge

A unique on-course experience for golfers

The excitement of achieving a Hole-in-One while incorporating golf professional services is sure to raise the bar at any golf event.​

You have the opportunity of winning a life-changing £100,000!

We are currently offering our services across the Costa Blanca region of Spain and throughout the UK.

All participants have a chance of winning a life-changing £100,000.

Each ACE will receive an instant win prize of £1,000.  The player will receive complimentary access in our annual showdown event, where £100k is awarded for the same accomplishment!

In addition to this fabulous opportunity, all players who successfully hit the green or beat the pro will enter a daily draw to win a 4-ball golf voucher.

Our PGA golf professionals will also upload video footage to a private platform or send a complimentary email so you can enjoy a memento of your visit.

Please don’t take our word for it – check our client feedback on the testimonials page.